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Packaging & Boxes

Box Guy Packaging

for all Moving Boxes & Packaging Materials

Through our subsidiary "Box Guy Packaging", we sell and supply all packing materials including cardboard boxes, packaging tape, sellotapes, wrapping papers, bubble wrap and any other wrapping and packaging materials you might be looking for. Whether you are relocating or just packing possessions for protection or storage, give us a call! We can also offer secure storage, long or short term, for your possessions.

All packing materials can be purchased at our TABLE VIEW, CAPETOWN office.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Box Guy Packaging prides itself in manufacturing corrugated cardboard boxes with a broad scope of uses. We stock fast moving boxes and are able to cut and fabricate custom boxes to client exact requirements. Corrugated cardboard is a versatile and strong material, available in many different combinations. Our designers craft boxes according to applications and useage envisaged. We aim to assure complete protection of your goods, at the same time maintaining costs at a minimum.

Single & Double Wall Boxes

Box Guy Packaging offers a comprehensive range of brown single and double wall cartons in stock sizes. Selection of grades to 20 kilo’s. Delivered flat, quickly and easily assembled, such sturdy boxes offer excellent protection to contents.

TVL Cartons

Very suitable for and often used to protect your TV and other sensitive electronic equipment, when relocating, or placing goods into storage . Our range of sizes are designed to suit your needs perfectly.

Corrugated board SFK

Corrugated board used for protective wrapping. Available in various sizes. Also available in pre-slit customisable sizes.

File Carton

For storage and archiving of paperwork. Used in many office environments.


Box Guy Packaging carries a large variety of plastic packaging materials. Plastic products are available ex-stock and may also be produced to specific customer requirements.

Mattress Bags

Mattress Bags are available to protect mattresses during transit or storage. The bags are made from clear polythene and are available for single, double, queen sized and King sized mattresses.

Refuse Bags

Refuse bags are made from 90% recycled and re-processed polythene material. These bags are available in both Standard 25 micron and Heavy Duty 30 micron.

Furniture Wrap

Box Guy Packaging produce a significant amount of customised LDPE plastic tubing and sheeting products. These are used for various packaging applications and are manufactured from all grades, that being, Virgin Clear LDPE, in-house recycled LDPE and smoky recycled LDPE. Printed and coloured LDPE sheeting and tubing is also available. Furniture Wrap (tubing) is kept as a stock line and is a popular item in the furniture manufacturing and moving industry.

Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap (also known as Clear Stretch film) is the perfect solution for securing products on a pallet It also offers excellent protection against the elements and general handling etc.. Applied manually or by machine for automated wrappers.

Packaging Tape - Buff & Fragile Tape

Highest quality packaging tape made from a Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene at 28 microns. A range of sizes also available. Available in Clear and Brown Buff Tape. Dispensers available for fast, accurate and easy use.

Tape Dispensers

We offer a range of standard, heavy-duty and robust all-metal Tape Dispensers to suit your needs. We also offer Filament Tape and Preset-Length Gum Tape Dispensers. Box Guy Packaging also offers Random and Uniform Case Tapers for automated sealing solutions.

Bubble Wrap & Related Products

Bubble wrap is lightweight, inexpensive and provides effective protection, whilst using less packaging materials, thereby lowering the overall cost. Anti-static bubble wrap also provides adequate protection to electronic products and protects against static discharges. Bubble wrap is available in clear or anti-static and plain or printed. It can also be cut to different sizes, as per customer requirements.

Aerothene & Related Products

Aerothene is a flexible and durable packaging material that is fully recyclable. It has insulating and cushioning properties to protect the goods from moisture, scratches, dents and chips during transport and storage. Widely used in the furniture industry.

White Paper Sheet

White paper sheet can be used for wrapping of your plates , cups and cutleries. We have available in 5kgs and 10kgs.


We promise excellent customer service and a job well-done every time. We are based in Cape Town but handle removals and relocations across South Africa.

Don't hesitate to call us to take advantage of our many high-quality, customer-centered, service and product offerings, listed here.

We are open 6 days a week.

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